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Promoting Hair Harmony

Hutoshi is a proponent of the fingerstyling technique. It’s a school of thought not yet widely recognized in the hair salon world—at least not here in Canada. Originating in London, England, its precepts hold that the stylist should never try to fight hair into submission. Rather, hair is gently guided towards a style that it can maintain naturally: i.e. a style that can be recreated without the help of a professional stylist. If hairstyling were a martial art, this would be the school of Aikido. Curly and stubborn hair, a formidable opponent, is dealt with through gentle redirection instead of brute force.

A Strong Natural Bias

A salon in the broad sense of the word, Hutoshi provides all the services you’d expect from a high-end establishment. They offer cutting and styling, natural colour treatments (like henna), skin care, massages, manicures, and facials. They try to use environmentally-friendly and natural products as much as they can. They believe that doing so promotes healthiness in the hair.

Fit for Maharajas

As you enter Hutoshi, you’ll immediately notice an Indian motif. You can take a seat on an Indian sofa usually reserved for Maharajas while you wait for your stylist. The salon has been designed with customer comfort and privacy in mind. It’s roomy, with good lighting and high ceilings, and is pleasantly decorated. Lots of plants and orchids on the hairstyling workstations help circulate the oxygen. Consultations are relatively brief but thorough. Your stylist will look at your hair, ask about what you want, and talk about your lifestyle (a lawyer will be more limited in choice than, say, a DJ).

From Far and Wide

And if time in business is any indication (they were established in 1976), customer satisfaction is very high here. Hutoshi gets people from all across the board, but especially time-strapped professionals.

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