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"Hutoshi works with my hair instead of fighting against it."
Vick Wood

"I always leave here looking & feeling wonderful. Excellent cuts + personable service!"
Frances Aill

"My haircuts are always well done and receive many compliments from friends and family. The studio has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Very welcoming!"
Pat McDonell

"Because I have trust issues when it comes to anybody handling my hair, Hutoshi is a blessing. She always does such and amazing job. She's mastered my curly hair & always has amazing advice for maintaining it. I get compliments day in & day out"
Mahban Ghadekpour

"Hutoshi cuts my hair so that my natural wave falls into place. After I shampoo, I don't need a blow dryer, I just run my fingers through my hair and let it air dry!"
Joan M. Hill

"My hair is easy to look after and I get many compliments."
Tracy S.

"Hutoshi has been cutting my hair for 25 years. She's the best!!!"
Cheryl Wagner

"I Have been a client since 1979 ... would not be without her!"
David Ford

"She takes the time to style my hair in ways that suit my face + curly hair."

"My friends comment on how good my hair looks. Constantly!"
Audrey Campbell

"My hair appointments are always a pleasant social hour. My haircuts are always admired by my friends."
Coleen Whyte

"My short wavy hair always sits well and is easy to manage and grows out well. I've been coming to Hutoshi for 27 years and still come back from outside Toronto for regular haircuts."
Ann Balmer

"Hutoshi has cut my hair for 25 years (and Cyrus once.) Their haircutting skills are exceptional, plus they really listen + provide consulting on every visit. The atmosphere is laid-back + friendly. And if you are not satisfied, they are very open to pleasing you!"
Helena Burnstein

"Hutoshi always takes the time to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with your haircut. She has consistently given me cuts that look great and are easy to maintain."
Natasha D
(2012-10-13 12:22:51 )

"Met Hutoshi in 1975 at Sassoon\'s on Avenue Rd. After the first cut I gave her my name and number to call when she starts her own business. Still with her."
Don Hill
(2012-12-23 12:23:54 )

"I'm a fairly new customer and I'm very happy with excellent haircuts in a warm and pleasant environment. My hair grows out beautifully, adding weeks to the spacing. Trudy Lipp July 12, 2013"
Trudy Lipp
(2013-07-12 13:55:57 )

"I am getting great reviews today on the new haircut. People are noticing it and really liking it so thanks! Your dream idea is a good one. I am enjoying it too."
Margaret H
(2013-12-11 08:57:29 )

"This haircut is perfect and takes one minute to style. Thanks a million!"
Linda A
(2014-10-04 13:39:30 )